Avoiding Seinfeld Moments


You know that moment when that idiot with the crazy hair falls into Jerry’s front door? That’s what I feel like my life is like; a series of awkward entrances.

I’m back to fretting about money. Not so much that I know I don’t have any (what’s new about that?) but just wondering how I can fix the problem so that it stops happening. There for a while, I wasn’t worrying about money and I was making LESS than I’m making now. A LOT LESS. Go figure.

My ex is moving back to New Jersey. I would dance, but that would just seem mean. That woudn’t be my intention, but I can almost feel his chaos from three hours away. It would be nice to know that my little girl doesn’t have to go and be subjected to his mania every other weekend.

My little girl started preschool today. She wore her little uniform and looked SO cute! It’s a half day program at a private school in the next town over from where we live. It’s NOT daycare. They have curriculum and structured learning time under degreed teachers.

Well, I’m pretty tired so I’m going to check the House-Pride website http://www.house-pride.net one more time and then go to bed.

Go Gryffindors!


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