Toilet Humor


We get up, have breakfast and get ready for church. Of course we’re running late – are you kidding? Herding an almost three-year-old from JoJo’s circus to getting dressed to the car to Sunday school is next to impossible. And NOW she decides to ask to go potty. *GAK* I can’t imagine having more than one and being a single mom. My hat is TOTALLY off.

So, we are potty training in earnest now. She went three times today! You should see the bathroom. Charmin sent this really cute little potty training kit that you can send away for and it’s FREE (always a good thing). Well, that stuff is all over the bathroom. Then, Pampers has a Kandoo Hand Soap. It’s cute too. So, here’s hopin’… I’m so tired of changing diapers. Of course, that will be the last vestige of her babyhood. *sniffle*

I can’t wait to see how it works. IF it works, that is. She started preschool last week and they want them “mostly” potty trained before they start. Well, um… *cringe* Sure, she knows what the potty is and will use it but only when it’s completely inconvenient for YOU. She’s actually pretty funny when you ask her if she needs to potty. She’ll put one little hand up, as if to say, STOP, and say, “no thanks – not right now.” *giggle* What a character.

Nah, I’m thrilled that she’s getting down pretty much on her own. I haven’t pushed her and she’s decided at this point that she’s ready. YIPPEE!! (ok, so the experts got this one right! Stranger things have happened, right?)

As my mother would say, I’ve had just about all of the fun I can stand. Night, kids.


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