Down From the Ledge


Ah, for all of my mother’s quirkiness, she certainly has the wonderful ability to talk me down out of the tree. I was all ready to jump off of the cliff and tell my boss where he could put his “DRAW” when she called me today. She helped me remember that I’m not a 21-year old kid with no child and no steady financial responsiblities. I am almost 30 with a three year old and a house to take care of.

Needless to say, that extinguished most of my urge to throw a total tantrum and set that particular bridge on fire.

Ok, so I’m actively hunting a job. I mean, banging on doors is my total focus. I’ve already applied at a few places and have talked to my old boss about getting my old job back. Yes, it drove me crazy but it was a straight salary with benefits. It’s all about sacrifices, man.


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