Kitty Cat Games


I’m sitting at my computer, waiting for Baby Girl to wake up. She crawled into bed with me this morning, around 4:30. I think she’s getting cold in her bed and so she comes in here. Most nights, when she does it, I’ll get up and take her back into her bed and just put the blankets back on her (she wiggles them all onto the floor), but I was just too sleepy last night to do it, so here she stayed. She’s so sweet. It’s also the only time of day that she’s quiet. *grin*

In my room, I have three large windows that look out onto my big backyard. This morning, my “yard” cats are out there. I have these two cats that don’t really belong to me, but they’ve chosen my yard in which to live. It’s a big yard and has lots of great hiding places.

At the beginning of the summer, when I first saw them in the yard, they were SO scrawny that I started leaving food out. They wouldn’t let me anywhere near them at first but I just waited, and watched. As they became accustomed to me, they would allow me to sit outside and, as long as I was very still, they would come up onto the porch to eat. About a month ago, the male very tentatively walked up to me and sniffed my hand and let me touch him on the head. VICTORY!

So, I’ve named them – Fred and Ginger. They are a couple, you see. They will walk down the sidewalk with their tails entwined.

This morning, Fred and Ginger are playing chase. Ginger will hide on one side of Baby Girl’s playhouse and Fred will sneak up from the other side, behind her, pounce on her and dart away. She then, in turn, will chase him down and “tag” him. And then it starts all over. They’ve been doing it for about 15 minutes now. Ah, youth… *grin*

Ah – Baby Girl awakes. I’m off to feed the child.


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