Have I mentioned that I love taking pictures? People, places, things – it doesn’t matter to me. I just love photography. It’s kind of a hit or miss thing with me, though. I’ll certainly never be winning any awards with the MAJORITY of my photographs (mainly because I’m too lazy to try and read the owners manual for my camera), sometimes I get lucky and something really neat comes out.

So, because I haven’t updated my blog in a while and I can’t really think of anything heart-stoppingly interesting about which to write, I’m going to post a few of my favorite photos.

This is one of my cats. He likes to curl up in baskets and sleep the day away.

I took this photo of my daughter, at her school’s Fall Fair. She had never been in a bounce house before, and she looked very young and small in there. She eventually figured it out and had a great time, but when this photo was taken she was VERY unsure about this wobbly floor.

Taken at Sea World, in San Antonio Texas. I just loved the way the legs of this rollercoaster seemed to go up all the way to the sky.

This photo was taken in San Antonio, Texas. I altered the photo with a sepia finish and then a film grain overlay. I was trying to prove a point to a friend about how easily photos can be manipulated to suit the desires of the photographer.

This is one of my yard kitties, Fred. This photo just captures his shyness.

Well, there are about a hundred others I could post, but they are closeups of my daughter. Maybe I’ll post more later.


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