Spring Fever


What is it that happens to a person to make them all of the sudden notice the dandelions in their grass or the new fire ant beds along the side walk? What makes a person get out their camera and paper and start making a spring yard project list? Oh, you don’t do that? Well, then, what happens that causes ME to do it? I think it is just the change in weather. The fact that the birds have returned and are singing in the trees. The fact that I take the time to notice the warm air on my face as I leisurely stroll from my car to the house, or house to car. Winter is over – at least for Texas.

The big old pecan trees in my yard are still not convinced that Spring has arrived and they are holding their leaves for the last cold snap which, historically, happens around March 16. Got love Texas. You hear people talk about how unpredictable the weather is, but that really is not true.

The only bed-work I am planning to do this year will be in the big bed in the back yard and then a smaller bed in the front of the house, in between two new shrubs I’m planning on having installed. Not that I’ve chosen the plantings or anything, but that’s all a part of the planning process. You can’t see it, but I’m rubbing my hands together in anticipation.

Actually, I’m rubbing my eyes and yawning like a little kid, so I think I’ll end this one for the night and put my yard plans to rest as well. At least for today.


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