You know that time, first thing in the morning, when the house is still and the only sounds are the ones that the house makes (and the occasional patter of kitty feet)? That is my favorite time of day. The day is new again and, I think, there waits an invitation to join Him in the stillness.

So this morning, instead of jumping out of bed, realizing it is 6:40 instead of 6:15, and beginning to race around – as usual, I sat in my bed and talked to my Creator. I told Him about waking up at 4am with a disconcerted feeling and tossing and turning all night until the cats finally got off of the bed because I was moving around so much. I surrendered any lingering feelings of agitation from yesterday and really just took some time, first thing in the morning, to say good morning and thank you for another day.

My quiet time is normally at night – kind of a way to finish up the day on a good note. It is kind of my way of shaking off whatever frustrations, irritations, roadblocks and just generalized nonsense I encounter during my day. That way, it doesn’t follow me through the night and into the next morning. I didn’t do that last night. I was too tired (I told myself).

Ah ha! Maybe God is trying to tell me that I need both times with Him. I need to start the day with a grateful song and a time to lift up friends and family in need but I also need to spend some time with him at night to get into the word and also time to surrender the failings of the day.

I love writing. It helps me get all of my meandering thoughts out on paper in some sort of logical order. And aren’t you the lucky one that stumbles upon it and says, “huh?” ::grin::

Well, it is now 7:17 and Munchkin is still sleeping!! I had better finish up and put on my Mommy hat and get everybody moving.

Have a happy day!


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