Hard Days Night


::giggle:: I have NO idea what that means, by the way. I really like to tap my feet and hum along to the Beatles’ song, but is there a meaning to the words “Hard Days Night?”

Anyway, I’m back. Just about to climb into bed – a relatively decent hour, if I say so myself.

Did I tell you I’m going to get a new car? FINALLY??? Well, for any of us who have been around FridayNightGirl for since last Fall, then we know that she was tragically out of work for an entire millennium (ok, it was four months) and had to give up her shiny silver car. (Not that she really liked that car, but it was still four wheels and a cd player.)

So, as a part of the rebuilding plan now that I have gainful employment again, I am finally going to acquire a new set of wheels. On Thursday, I will pick up my shiny silver car. ::giggle:: Yes, it is silver. It is a Saturn. You know, the car company that says their cars will “give up their lives” for their humans. How awesome is that??!!

I would SO like to shake the hand of the ad exec that came up with that promo. VERY cool. Completely caters to the estrogen-based consumers. ::giggle::

(don’t ask – I’m sleepy)

Ok, I’ve written and now I sleep. Goodnight, John Boy.


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