Wife #32 – Cool Beans!!


::giggle:: Ok, so he hasn’t assigned all of the wives yet, but I’m one of them. And, he said, I may understudy Anna. ::grin:: I’m so glad to have that waiting OVER! I’m excited about the show. Can you see fridaynightgirl with dyed black hair and an asian accent? ::giggle:: What fun!

I hope I get to learn a little dancing, too. Actually, the wives don’t sing much. I’m going to be in a musical and I won’t sing very much at all! The wives are on stage a LOT but they don’t have the burden of learning ALL of the lines and songs and dances – all at once.

It occured to me that the Director might have been doing me a favor by NOT casting me as Anna. It has, afterall, been eight years since I did a musical. That’s a LONG time to be gone from the stage to try and step into a principal role in a BIG musical like The King and I.

I think this will be a lot of fun. K is one of the wives too, so I’ll have a partner in mischief. And, if I get to understudy the role of Anna, I will be able to work toward a principal role in another show.

::clapping hands:: (did I mention that I hate waiting?)


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