Friday – finally!


s-l-eeeeeeeeeeeee-py………. zzzzzzzzzz

Oh! I’m sorry – did I doze off? Having rehearsal every night this week has officially caught up with me, I think. All I can think about is how great putting my feet up and catching a little catnap would be.

I intend on getting in bed as EARLY as possible tonight. Yes, I know I say that almost every night. I really think I might actually be tired enough to really do just that.

Oh, isn’t this funny? I found this at the store the other day. it really is silver, even though the scanner made it look like an old nickel. I am really looking for one that says “drama queen” but until then, “diva” will have to do. ::giggle::

Later, gators. ::sigh:: lunch is over and I didn’t even nap. Well, maybe tonight. Happy Friday!


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