Memorize schmemorize


It’s been a REALLY long time since I had to memorize lines. Have I mentioned that I’m the understudy for Anna? Being the understudy means that you have to have everything memorized and blocked and ready to go, just in case something bad happens and the star can’t perform. EEK!

I’ve never been an understudy before so I feel a little awkward. Then again, I haven’t been in a show in eight years, so that kind of resets your clocks anyway. This memorizing without walking around getting the blocking, singing or interacting with the other characters is really blowing my braincells.

I think I would rather have NOT been cast as the understudy. All this work and I’ll probably never do anything with it. ::sigh:: Oh well. I’m really glad to be in the show, as it is keeping me super busy and being the understudy gives me something to do in my “freetime.” ::laugh::

I was feeling rather shy tonight at music rehearsal and didn’t ask to have a little bump evened out until after everybody else cleared out. Is that my pride or am I just cautiously trying to ensure Mrs. Anna doesn’t think I’m stepping on her toes. Not that I’d have any idea at what point that would be, as I’ve never been an understudy and have NO idea how they are “supposed” to behave. Am I supposed to be at every rehearsal where the character is called? Am I supposed to stay for musical rehearsals? Should I be fitted for Anna’s costumes, in addition to my own? How do you know the difference between being prepared and making the appearance that you hope something will happen and you’ll get to step in?

ICK. It was so much simpler when I was a prima donna. ::giggle:: No, really. You had one philosophy; “I’m the best.” ::sigh:: Actually, I really don’t miss the pretentiousness and mandatory scheming that goes along with it. On top of that, you NEVER got an “off day.” There were too many others just waiting to tear your hair out if you messed up, so they could take your place. Again, I say ICK.

Ok, enough. I’m tired but I need to review the script up to tonight’s blocking. Night, y’all.


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