The satisfaction of a checked-off list


I know I’ve mentioned my type-a condition and the many woes it brings to my life. But, today, is not one of them.

Being a little OCD about my lists is a good thing (for once).

Tonight, the Munchkin is spending the night with Nana and Papa (thank you! a million times, thank you!) so last night Munchkin and I packed her bag. I made her a little list of things she needed to pack:
1. After-school play clothes
2. Jammies
3. School clothes for Friday
4. movies for Nana’s house
5. toothbrush
6. toothpaste
7. Bear

She picked out her own clothes and packed them in her bag. And then we put the list on her bag so we wouldn’t forget to pack Bear the toothbrush and toothpaste this morning, before we left.

We actually got out of the house this morning with ALL items properly packed in the bag, no fuss, no drama and nothing forgotten. Now, granted, if something HAD been forgotten, Nana lives less than 1.5 miles from our house but I think some important seeds were planted. *grin*

So, in the same spirit of renewed organization, I came into work this morning and made a list. (of course) I am very pleased to announce that my newsletter is at the printer, my program for tomorrow night’s show is on the copy machine and all I have left on my list for the day is:
1. generate tickets for convention tomorrow
2. update CAC blog
3. clean off my desk (so messy!!)

*sigh* Ah, organization makes my brain feel better. I have been so twitterpated that I’ve developed temporary ADD. ugh. That stops TODAY. (not the twitterpated part, just the ADD)

Still no word from J. I know he’s really busy with work and I have OFFICIALLY decided to stop waiting around for him to call me. K and I are going to see the Guardian tonight, on my night off. I would have gladly spent it with him but he didn’t call so he misses out. *evil grin* I’m so rotten. Actually, I know that I haven’t made him chase me very much and I know men like the chase so, put on your running shoes, oh object of my twitterpation, because the chase is on. *giggle*

I have never been very good at keeping my cards close to my vest (or however that phrase goes) because I am a very black and white person. I despise deception and prefer to say what I think and feel rather than play cat and mouse. *sigh* It sometimes leads to jumping ahead of myself. So, I take a good deep breath, remember that too much twitterpation is bad for the nervous system, get focused on the job at hand and get back to work. He knows how to find me and I feel fairly confident that he will. Afterall, what’s not to like? He’s said as much!

Anyway, my friends, my little break is over and I must, after all, get back to my list.


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