Now THIS is workin’!


On Friday, the CAC sponsored a bus trip to the Kimbell Art Museum’s special exhibit on Hatshepsut.
Being a TOTAL Egypt nut, I volunteered to go. It was amazing! I have been to the Kimbell but I had not taken the time to really appreciate the architecture of the building.
The exhibit itself was wonderful. I am always just blown away by the precision of the carvings and the preservation of these pieces that are thousands of years old. The fact that so many of them were discovered by accident is remarkable.
We ate lunch at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, just next door. I had never developed an appreciation for modern art until I met my ex. He really introduced me to the beauty of strong color and dramatic statements of modern art. Art that challenged the senses, rather than soothed. Now, I am a modern art fan – even though I fail to comprehend the point of some of it. (hey, even I can paint straight lines!)

The Modern Art Museum is also a stunning piece of architecture. There is this really cool sculpture out front, called “Vortex.” You can walk inside and make the tiniest whisper and it bounces around because of the design. While we were there, a school group of teenagers went into the Vortex and they were singing and making noise, as they discovered the sculpture – it was a happy sound.
I came home tired but satisfied. Our Visual Arts Director (partially pictured in the photo above) and I really had a good time together and came up with lots of ideas that we want to try at the CAC. It was a terrific day.

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  1. What great pictures! Thanks for sharing your great “field trip.”

    I want to try out that Vortex!


  2. What great pictures! Thanks for sharing your great “field trip.”

    I want to try out that Vortex!


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