I have these cute little signs in our front lobby, advertising this weekend’s production of The Nutcracker. I have Nutcracker posters, flyers, email blasts and newsletter inserts all over the place. Naturally, it’s the most visible pieces (the lobby signs) that have an error. UGH. The show starts at 2, not 2:30. Details. Details. Everything else is right but those two idiotic signs.

There are some days that I just want to thump myself.

Is it afternoon yet? Better yet, is it Sunday yet?

Munchkin has her little choir program tonight, at church. It should be totally adorable.

I’m taking Munchkin to see the Nutcracker this weekend, at work. (have I mentioned I love my job?) She is really excited about seeing a ballet and is already talking about wanting to take ballet classes. Maybe I’ll get a raise next year and she can start them next fall. Ballet Classes. Tomorrow it will be driving lessons. She is growing up so fast! *sigh*

Y’all have a happy day!


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