Only Funny since 2002


I ran across this article this morning and thought I’d share.

The first time I ever saw it, I didn’t believe that the kid who stuck his tongue on the flag pole was really stuck. Much to my chagrin, it was. You see, I went into the kitchen that night, after the house was quiet and tried my little experiment on the freezer door where the ice cube trays sat. Of course it stuck. Fortunately, I learned that lesson without too much bloodshed. And, to date, you (my dear blogger friends) are one of the first people I’ve ever told that story to. Don’t you feel special? Ah, youth.

I never liked this movie until I became a parent. It would come on every Christmas and I would immediately change the channel. Partly because of the freezer door incident but also, I think, because I just didn’t get it. From a child’s standpoint, I’d never asked for anything as stupid as a BB gun (leave that to my brother) and I probably would have thought bunny pj’s were pretty cute – hey, I am a girl! I certainly didn’t understand why his father would put that awful lamp in the window and why those Elves at the department store were so mean. I just didn’t get it.

Until I became a parent. Suddenly, this movie became the funniest movie EVER. The transformation is really quite unexplainable. But I love this movie. I can’t wait to watch it. In fact, I may watch it tonight. In between updating a blog template. *grin*

I think I’ve recovered from my sore stomach so I am headed to French Quarter for lunch. Yum.


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