The last of my Christmas shopping is done! I made one last little purchase today and I’m done!! WHEE!!

Munchkin is tucked in bed for her afternoon nap and I’m going to play a little playstation.

I have this fantasy about J showing up on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I’m pretty sure it’s just that but I don’t want to pester him about it, just in case. I know my brother talks about his wife (the one that is my carbon copy) and how she always ruins his “best” surprises because she needs to know all of the details. Lord, that sounds familiar. *grin*

Anyway, day before yesterday, Mom and I went to town for the day. We saw the Nativity Story. OH MY GOODNESS, it was WONDERFUL. IF you haven’t seen it, please do – it is the most magnificent representation of the Christmas story I’ve ever seen. The level of detail the filmmakers included was marvelous. The dialogue is straight out of Luke’s Gospel. Simply beautiful. Many came out of the theatre a little quieter and certainly more in the true spirit of the season. I said to one red-eyed woman, “now we can have Christmas.”

Also while we were in the mall, we walked through Macy’s as I was still searching for the “perfect” gift for J. I suggested some warm pajama pants but, thinking aloud, mentioned that I thought that might be interpreted by some to be inappropriate. Mother just looked at me and, in a move straight out of Star Wars said, “these are not the drawers you’re looking for.” Thank you, Obi-wan Kenobi. *gigglesnort*

So, we are just relaxing today – building up our strength for tomorrow.

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  1. (doing my best yoda impression here) remarkably insightful, mothers are sometimes…
    i’ll have to rent “nativity story” when its released on dvd- its not out on the big screen here.


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