The Most Important Question


Last night, we were trying to decide what to eat for dinner. I suggested spaghetti and Munchkin chimes in “AND MEATBALLS!!!” (yes, at the top of her lungs. Hey, she likes Mom’s meatballs) “No, baby, I can’t do that because I have to be at rehearsal in an hour.”

*pouting ensues*

So, all three of us, K, Munchkin and I are all standing in front of the freezer… (just in case the contents might be different from last night)

I had no more finished reading the label on one of those meals in a bag skillet thingies – “Garlic Chicken and Vegetables,” and Munchkin said, “GROSS.” Gross? Where did that come from? As I then set about trying to cajole her into agreeing to eat said meal by describing the lovely chicken (she loves chicken!), snow peas and carrots (two of her favorites), she’s making gagging sounds in the background. It was absolutely the funniest thing she’s done all week. We had tuna sandwiches for dinner.

I’m going to make spaghetti AND MEATBALLS tomorrow.


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