The Idea Jar is Temporarily Empty

Not a lot of blog-worthy happenings in the life of fridaynightgirl right now.
Eat (occasionally)
Two and a half weeks until we open She Loves Me. We’re reviewing the finale tonight. YIKES! I don’t know why this scene makes me so antsy. It just does, I suppose. Probably because the person I’d really like to be kissing is 7500 miles away. *shrug* K suggested I spray some of J’s cologne on Georg and see if that helped any….
Don’t get me wrong. The guy playing Georg is funny, charming, tall and has a great voice. But, as my mother pointed out this morning, he’s not a redneck. *giggle* I’m talking about one of the boys – would rather play outside than anything else. In short – this guy… *grin* Look at all that mud. You can tell he had fun. Not that I’d let all that mud into my house, mind you, but I still think it’s cute.

I should have some pictures soon. I know I still have to upload pics from New Years and our Gala – I promise I haven’t forgotten. I tell myself that I’m going to do it when I get home from rehearsal but that never happens. I usually just collapse into a heap on my bed and pray for a coma for a few hours until it’s time to get up and do it all over again.

Oh, on an up note – it looks like K isn’t moving to Seattle after all! YIPPEEE!!! Her hubby-to-be is moving home to Texas next month (I think) so they’ll probably stay here. Now, where in Texas they’ll live remains to be seen but at least it won’t be Seattle!

Now if I could just get my little brother and sister-in-law to move home!

I have to have my hair cut – AGAIN! It’s already grown an inch – in just a month! I’m going to have her cut a little extra off so it will stay short enough that I won’t have to have another cut before the show is over.

Then, once the show is over, I’m going to grow it as long and as fast as I can before I see J this summer. If it continues to grow about an inch a month, it’ll grow six inches and be back down past my shoulders by then. It won’t be as long as it was before I cut it, but it will be back to that length by my next birthday – he should be home by then.

It’s four o’clock and I wish I could have a nap before rehearsal. Just an hour. Gosh, that would be so nice. But, I suppose that’s too much to hope for. Well, maybe Friday night.

I’m sorry these posts lately have been a little fluffy. I’m just feeling a little low on good blog fodder. As my very dorky friend Joe told me, when in doubt SPAM. *giggle*

Later, gators.

(yes, Joe, I know I use this as an avatar on messenger. I think it’s funny, though… Gosh, I need some sleep.)


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