Can we switch back now?


I’m officially hating spring Daylight Savings Time. They should call it Losing Time, since we’ve lost that oh-so valuable hour of sleep. Is it Friday yet? Better yet, is it time for the next Daylight Savings Time, when we get our hour back?

Thing here are good. J seems to be doing ok – still not getting enough sleep, I’m sure but I am talking to him a lot more now that he has better access to internet. At the end of this month, it will have been four months since we last saw each other in person. He’s been gone three months. I guess I just miss him.

Work is fine. Job seems to be changing a bit and we all know how I am with change. Especially when that change includes adding sales to my to do list. YUCK. I’m sure it will be fine and it’s just the thought that is making me so irritable.
I think I figured out part of the problem with my laptop. I cleaned over a gigabyte of junk off of my machine last night. Munchkin got a game for christmas around the movie Cars. My laptop hates it and won’t run it. (I’ve since learned that most laptops don’t like games)


I could use a nap.

Munchkin is staying the night with her Nana tomorrow night which means I can sleep in on Saturday! WHOO HOO!!!!
I think this is officially the most rambling post I’ve written in a while. But, it’s an update.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me – it’s like my inspiration for blogging has dried up and I really struggle to come up with post-fodder.
I think I’d just like to sleep. I know I’ve technically caught back up on my sleep from the show but I still feel tired. Like I could just curl up and sleep the rest of this year away. At least until summer time.
PS. This isn’t me. My office is prettier.


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So many hats. Only one me. Believer. Wife. Mom. Communicator. Actress. Volunteer. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Tired. Grab a cup of coffee and join me as I laugh at myself and, generally, over think my life.

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  1. The latest DST experiment wreaks even worse havoc. My “atomic” radio clocks, which normally can correctly set themselves via signals from US NIST broadcasts, have suffered much confusion. I often feel like I never fully adjust to DST; then when standard time arrives, I feel like everything returns to normal. Only good thing from all this was a brief period of more daylight at Keystone ski resort. The whole world should just have one time system: UTC.


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