Another New Layout


I think this one is a DEFINITE improvement. Yes, it’s VERY green – but it’s almost spring!

And the banner is a semi-custom job. I mean, it’s not really rocket science to do a little text manipulation in Photoshop. Golly, that’s a fun toy.

It’s been a good (albeit quiet) day. I’ve been researching podcasts and if we might be able to host them on the Center’s website. Considering it takes an act of Congress and $1000 every time I think about updating the Flash header – probably not. But, a girl can hope. *sigh*
Talked to J for a very brief moment earlier today. He called me “dear.” *giggle* Is it possible for one word to bring such simple silly happiness? I am a TOTAL girl.
K, EG and I are going out to dinner and then we’re going to see the new movie, Breach. It looks like a total nail-biter.
Well, we are about to close for the night. Have a happy Friday night, y’all.

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