Big Bands are loud?


The Season is over. My OnStage shows are finished until September. YEAH!!! Friday was NUTS. Trying to get everything created was WOW, crazy. But I got it done. The show on Sunday was great. We didn’t sell out the house but, then again, we didn’t get the coverage in the paper that I’d hoped. But I don’t want to talk about them because they really did a nice job covering a couple of other things last week and I don’t want it to sound like I’m overly complaining. Even with the less than dazzling paper coverage of that particular show, the house looked pretty full (except those pesky side wings – I’ve GOT to get the auditorium pictures up on the website) and everybody had a great time. My visual arts director and her husband got up and danced in the aisle – it was AWESOME.

*laugh* Apparently, somebody commented to my boss that they thought the band was a little loud. Well, it’s a BIG BAND, folks. You sit in the second row in front of four trumpets, three trombones and four saxophones, a drummer, bass player, piano player and a clarinet and it’s going to be loud. *gigglesnort*

I’m ready for a vacation… Oh, J…..
Now I shift into budget planning. Joy. I know boring myself blind over budget numbers is exactly what I want to do. At least this year I’ll know what I’m planning rather than just going in blind like I had to do last year. I know what works and what doesn’t in this little town of newspaper readers.
We have our big kids art exhibit opening tonight and I’m really looking forward to it. The galleries look AMAZING and we always have a big crowd for it. That reminds me that I need to make some new email forms for it.
Life otherwise is good. I missed J by 30 minutes the other day but I saw he was online so that means things are ok over there.
Well, I’d better get back to it folks. Later, gators!

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