So thankful to still wear red flowers


Today is Mother’s Day. One of my favorite holidays of the year. It is an opportunity to say a special thank you to the wonderful woman that raised us.

Five years ago, this June, my mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. There were many times in the following months that we really thought this was it – that Mama wasn’t going to be with us much longer.

Munchkin was born after Mama had already begun her treatments and so we were all worried that Munchkin might have to grow up never really knowing this wonderful lady who would later come to be known as, “Nana.”

But the Lord’s hand stayed on Mother and she has been cancer free for five years. Every day with her is a gift because I really didn’t know if I would get any more of them.

She is full of spit and vinegar sometimes but she’s got a heart of gold and she makes the BEST Thanksgiving dressing (and potato salad and humpty dumpties AND chicken & dumplings) this side of Heaven.

So, for all those times, Mama, when you knew I needed and “out;” for all of those THOUSANDS of times where you just knew that something was eating me so you’d put me in the car and drive around for three hours before I’d spill it; for all of the times that you held me in your lap, with my face in the Mama crook of your neck and sang to me – Thank you. I’m so glad you are still here, with us.

I am so thankful that Munchkin knows you. I am so thankful for Another Day with you.

Happy Mothers Day, Mama.

your girl


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  1. and a wonderful (belated) mothers day to you! i am also blessed with a fabulous mother!


  2. and a wonderful (belated) mothers day to you! i am also blessed with a fabulous mother!


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