Copper Buckets

My Visual Arts Director commented that my outfit (all black) looks like my “death of a job” look. She asked if I planned on wearing all black for the next three days.

Our Day Facilities guy said if he’d known sooner that I was leaving he would have gotten one of those porta potty things and chained me in my office. YUCK. So glad I didn’t tell him earlier. *grin*

The folks around here are taking this pretty hard and that really touches me. Not that I’m glad they are unhappy or anything but that they care so much. I kind of see myself as a bit of a grouch. I like to be in charge of a project – I am certainly NOT a team player when it comes to work. I generally like to handle a project on my own because I don’t like waiting (depending) on other people when, almost unfailingly, they’ll drop the ball and I end up doing it anyway. So, the way I see it, it would have been faster if I had just done it all myself in the first place. Then, I could have planned for the extra work.

Oh well.

Anyhoo. K and I are going wedding scouting today. Today’s targets are flowers. Oh, and copper buckets.

I think white and jade roses, white and green hydrangeas, some sort of green leaves and green berries. I would love to use Lily of the Valley or Lady Slipper Orchids or maybe even cymbidium orchids but those are harder to find so they’ll be a lot more expensive. AND, I don’t know a thing about handling orchids.

So, we’re starting to get some details together. I love it!!

Have a happy Friday, y’all. Don’t work too hard. Find something fun to do tonight!


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So many hats. Only one me. Believer. Wife. Mom. Communicator. Actress. Volunteer. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Tired. Grab a cup of coffee and join me as I laugh at myself and, generally, over think my life.

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  1. oooh… those flowers sound spectacular! i do love weddings- planning is a hobby of mine!


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