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Love Love Love is the word for my new job. I love my office. I love the girls in the office. I love my boss. (no, not THAT kind of love, sheesh) I just love my job. I love the fast pace. (yes, I really do)

Yesterday I had a sore throat that just would not quit. I kept thinking, “Lord, please don’t let this be strepp throat.” So, I went home last night and crawled into bed and this morning it was mostly gone. YEAH!!! Thank goodness for Tylenol Sore Throat. I’m telling you, folks, this stuff WORKS.

I’m not like Everyday Mommy or Rocks in my Dryer; I don’t get asked to do product reviews but I would be happy to do one for Tylenol. Sore Throat is the best stuff I’ve ever taken. Knocked me out without the fuzzy head the next morning. Good stuff.

Anyhoo, I love my job.

Have I mentioned I love it?

*giggle* Ok, I’m back to work. Later, gators!


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  1. you have tylenol sore throat- i have a mucolytic called acc200!!! glad you’re feeling better!


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