Weekend Update


After six weeks of holding my breath, we pulled off the big surprise.

My brother and sister-in-law moved to Florida last December. He called me six weeks ago and said they were moving home to Texas in August. He was flying in on the 21st to test for the Arlington PD. I was sworn to secrecy because he wanted to surprise Mother for her birthday.

It was a wild six weeks of trying not to come undone with glee. Oh, but it gets harder. Much MUCH harder. Two weeks ago, J calls me and says, “hey, plans have changed a little. We are moving home at the end of THIS month. Oh, and don’t tell Mom.” OMGosh!!!

So, for the last two weeks, I have walked around holding my breath because I’m afraid I’ll blurt it out – scream it from the rooftop that my little brother and his darling wife are moving home!!

My twin is coming home! Well, we’re not really twins but we are so close we could be if you don’t count the three and a half years between us! *grin*

But I digress. (happens a lot these days)

So, J calls me again and says, “I’m not going to be able to wait until six to see you guys. Let’s surprise her at lunch.” So now not only am I in collusion to hide all of this amazing information from my mother, I’m also conspiring surprise lunches the day of her birthday party.

Friday night, Mom and I are out running around and I casually mention to her, “know what sounds really good? Roadhouse – they have the best ranch. Want to eat there tomorrow?” She buys it and it’s on the plan. Phase I of Birthday-gate is complete.

So comes Saturday morning. We have a long list of things to do and errands to run before the party that evening, so Mom and I start early. About 10 am, we head to Temple to get a battery for her watch – me watching MY watch all the time. (side note: J was fishing with his best friend that morning and we’d agreed to meet at Roadhouse at noon.) While we’re in the mall, Mom says she wants to look for some new capris. That works out well and we end up shopping for another almost two hours.

By this time, I’m worn out. I am not a big shopper (as my former roomate K will tell you) and two hours in the mall is a long time for me. But, it was all in the spirit of the conspiracy.

11:45 rolls around and I’m beat. We walk out to the car and, very slyly, I flip open my phone and dial J’s phone. When I hear he’s come on the line, I put the phone down by my side and say to Mom, “I’m starved. Are you ready to go to lunch?” When she says yes, I hang up the phone. Mom never noticed it either. *giggle* That was J’s signal to get off the lake and come our way.

So, we get to lunch and sit there for a few minutes. J calls Mom’s cell phone. “hi, Mom – whatcha doin?” Just about that time, he walks around the corner. She still doesn’t see him and carries on the conversation another 90 seconds before she notices him. I am about to come unglued trying not to laugh. She does a double-take, screams and jumps up to grab him. It was PERFECT!

Skip ahead a few hours to the party. We had a wonderful time! Mom’s two brothers came in for the party, J was there, EG and his mom and dad were there, Doc was there and so was H. It was a really fun party.

Here are some pics:

This is my brother, disguised as a chair cover. Goofy.

Mom and J

from the left: Uncle T, me, Uncle R, Mom, J

The Conspirators

What a fun day! Happy Birthday, Mommy.


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  1. This is totally unrelated.


    And happy birthday to your Mom, kudos to you and J for pulling it off, etc….so on…and so forth.

    LOVE your hair!!! So cute!


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