Summer Movie Bonanza!

Whoo hoo! This is the part of summer that I adore – the summer movies are in full swing and I’m reaping the benefits!
Just a quick update of the summer movie extravaganza:

Pirates 3: Awesome flick! I don’t care what the critics say, I loved it. I’ve seen it twice and I’ll see it again – definitely buying this one to make the collection complete. The stories and characters that we’ve been watching, hating and rooting for/against all come together in this magnificent episode. Keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Evan Almighty: side-splitting funny. The animals were, as expected, spectacular. There were a couple of really soft moments where you thought you might tear up but then something funny would happen and you would pull it together. Another good one. Don’t know that I’ll buy it but it was a fun Friday night.

Live Free or Die Hard: OMGosh this ROCKED!! Stuff was blowing up less than 10 minutes into the show and it didn’t stop until the credits rolled. Bruce Willis was at his acerbic best. You totally marvelled at how well the guy is aging. I didn’t even care that he’s old enough to be MY dad – wow. *grin* Definitely one to buy.

Ratatouille: as disappointing as television food – looks SO good until you find out it’s held together by glue and hairspray. The best parts of the movie were the clips they put in the previews. This is the first Pixar film that I haven’t just loved. In fact, EG and I left half way through it. It just doesn’t grab you and give you a reason to love the characters. The scenery shots of Paris were spectacular but the story was less than gripping. So, we left.
Coming Soon:

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. July 11
Oh golly I’m excited. I got my “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” shirt yesterday. CUTE!!! I am really looking forward to seeing this film. Even though OOTP was my second least favorite book in the series (next to Chamber of Secrets), the action is so intense in the story that you are drawn back to it. Perhaps CAPSLOX Harry won’t be as petulant in real life as he was on paper. Kind of makes you want to reach into the book and thump the boy. And Voldemort promises to be as terrifyingly evil as your imagination can possibly make him. I CANNOT WAIT (have I said that?)
Then, the next week after OOTP, Book 7 arrives! then, I’ll get paid again, put the deposit down on my dress, get whatever I’m going to get to redo Munchkin’s room and then it will be just about time for her to come home. *whew*
All that thinking made me sleepy. I think I’ll grab a water and go get into bed. ‘night.

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  1. yeehah! i loved die hard 4.0!!!
    it had me all but grinding my teeth and i got a tension induced cramp in my calf!!!


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