Going to the Principal’s Office


Do you remember the sick feeling of dread that settled in your stomach when someone mentioned “the office?” You don’t? Maybe that was just me. Anyhoo – So I’m working for the school system and, as part of our back-to-school prep , I’m meeting with as many of the principals as I can to tell them one-on-one about the new publicity procedure, the changes to the website and other PR initiatives that are starting this fall.

Since it is my program, I feel very confident about the material to be presented and have, so far, received very good feedback from other principals, administrators and board members. Tomorrow I’m presenting to seven principals and I will admit I’m a little nervous. It is, after all, very important to have principal buy-in if we are to experience success. *sigh* Ah, work.

Nine more days and Munchkin will be home. At least, that’s the plan. I still haven’t seen an itinerary but I’m trusting that this is going to be all right and I won’t have to go up there and get her.

*YAWN* Gosh, I’m tired. I guess I’ll wrap up and go to bed. Busy day tomorrow. ‘night, folks.


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  1. very cool that your program is being rolled out all over the place! i’m sure you’re going to knock the socks off of the principals!


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