Golly I’m tired


Work is killing me. In a good way. Is that possible? *grin* *yawn*

Sorry for the lack of writing. I’ve come home every night for the past three weeks and crawled into bed. My brain is tired and my hands are tired and my eyes are tired and my ears are tired and … well … I’m tired. I’d laugh but I’m too tired.


Amazingly enough, I started this last night around 9:15. I was so tired, I got up, walked away and never came back to it. Can you see how tired I am?

Can you develop ADD out of sheer sleepiness?

Work was better today. We were supposed to have a back-to-school celebration but it was cancelled on account of rain. Naturally, it stopped raining this afternoon and has been clear. *grin* Oh well. Better safe than soggy. *giggle*

Oh, to update on the past couple of weeks – the principals are overwhelmingly supportive of the new programs I want to try. YEAH! Monday, I presented the full Public Relations plan to the Board and they were so complimentary! I think I achieved a new District record for “longest-presentation-EVER” but they seemed to really be into it so I didn’t worry about it. I did, however, get quite a bit of ribbing from the ED of Administration and the District’s Attorney. Bah humbug.

I need an assistant. Think I’ll make that my next project. But, for now, I’m home. In jeans and a tshirt and I’m looking around the house saying to myself, “golly, I need to sweep. and do laundry. what’s for dinnner?” *sigh* Ok, I’m going.

Have a happy weekend, y’all.


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  1. Your post made me tired just reading it!

    Hey – I put the kids all in school! They start Monday! I can’t wait!!!!!



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