See You in Three Weeks!


Oh man, three weeks since my last post. Any of you that used to read are, I’m sure, all gone. Heck, I’m gone – what are we talking about?

Life has been so busy that it’s hard to maintain the blogging. Now that we’re back at school, though, I should be able to be a little more present.

Work is nuts. Start of school last week was SO fun! Munchkin started at her new school and she loves it. She even gets to ride a bus! She rides a bus in the afternoons from her school to my mother’s school. She spends about an hour and a half in mom’s classroom until I get off. That gives her enough time to have a snack and a little downtime where she can lay down. Mom says she almost always sleeps. School is hard work!

Just so you know – EG and I are history. He had a revelation from God that he should be with somebody that shared ministry calling and I don’t. I also don’t buy in to a lot of the more charismatic practices that EG got such a kick out of. It’s better this way. God has given me a tremendous peace about it.

So, I’m working and taking care of Munchkin. Tomorrow is her birthday so expect a really sappy post about Doodlebug tomorrow.

Before I go, I want to share a couple of sunsets with you. It has rained an amazing amount here in Texas and the stormclouds have created some spectacular sunsets. Here are two from just last week. I just happened to have the camera.


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  1. i’m so sorry about EG! i dont know what to say except i’m glad God has given you peace about it – and yes, you still have readers!!!


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