Is it Raining Out There?


OH my, what a mess. Mother hired a contractor to re-shingle my roof. They got most of the old shingles torn off and the roof started, but they didn’t get finished. Thinking the rain was going to pass by (as the forecast said), they figured they’d finish today. Well, at 3am this morning, I was awakened by the very unpleasant sound of thunder. When I got up, I thought I heard water dripping in the house. Sure enough, there was water coming out of the kitchen air conditioner vent!! So, I put towels down and a bucket and went back to bed. The rain continued until 5am when the rain started coming in my BEDROOM vent. So, at 5am, I got up and called the contractor and told him to GET OVER HERE and DO something so this didn’t turn into a VERY BIG PROBLEM.

I am not known for my diplomacy at 5am; after being so rudely awakened at 3. I was as nice to him as I could be since he didn’t do it on purpose but STILL. *sigh* I don’t like home improvement projects.

Actually, he was very nice – VERY apologetic. He stayed very calm, seemed very certain this was not a serious problem but is on his way over to fix it and was very reassuring that he would fix anything that was damaged (which I don’t think anything was) by the water.

So, that’s the start of my day.


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