Her Name is Betty


I bought a new car! I meant to tell you all about it but, as usual, the rush of life and all…. WEll, here she is. Her name is Betty – isn’t she pretty? She’s a 2006 Dodge Caravan,

Never thought I’d be excited about a minivan but, let me tell you – those are the most comfortable seats I’ve ever sat in and it has a DVD player for Munchkin. You can even plug in the playstation for family trips. Yahoo!

I’ put my Temple Wildcat sticker on the back right away and it’s really kind of endeared me to some of the folks in the office. The day I brought her to work I went over to the athletic office and got my new sticker.

Well, I’m excited. It’s my first (mostly) new car since … well, it’s been a while.

Things are hectic and crazy as ever but at least I’m riding around in mommy-style. *grin*


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