Earning those lines


You know the phrase, “earning my stripes?” I think it actually means circles and lines – wrinkles and under-eye shadows from a lack of sleep.

I guess I’ve been in a funk. I’m feeling more calm today and that’s been a nice change. I certainly hadn’t intended on staying in a funk for a couple of WEEKS but I guess that’s where I’ve been.

Work is killing me. I love it but it’s a little more than I can handle some days. I am carrying the workload of two or three of me. It’s probably no more than everybody else around here – the difference is that I don’t have an assistant.

Yes, I’m whining.

So, work is crazy (as usual) but I did get the yard mowed last weekend. Yes, you read that right – I mowed the yard. It wasn’t that bad, actually. Except for the fact that I had to sweat, it was quite nice walking back and forth in my yard. Gave my legs a nice little workout. *laugh*

Munchkin’s getting bigger and smarter and mouthier by the day. Actually, she’s not that bad. It’s that she’s so smart and she’s surrounded by kids who are growing up being allowed to mouth off to adults so she’s trying it out. Too bad for Munchkin.

Well, my 2pm meeting is here so I’d better quit for now. Is it time for vacation yet? fridaynightgirl could use a sabbatical. I thought about pulling the site down for a while but can’t stand the thought of being away. I miss writing. That’s my pre-new year’s resolution – get back to the blog like the “good old days” before I was “district spokesperson.”



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