Magical Meatballs


So, we’re having a baby shower for our ED of Administration and his wife today.  Their new baby just arrived and I can’t wait to meet her!  Like all good Southern gatherings, we eat at all social functions.  There is a lady in the office who, traditionally, brings these really delicious meatballs.  She isn’t going to be here today so I volunteered to make the magic meatballs. 

 The recipe is really easy and in no time flat I had a pot of really scrumptious meatballs, simmering in my kitchen.  I can’t wait to taste them.  Here’s the recipe:

ooh the magic…

1 family size bag of frozen homestyle meatballs
2 bottles of Heinz chili sauce
1 cup of grape jelly
dash lemon juice

Pour frozen meatballs in crock pot.  In pan, combine chili sauce & grape jelly until jelly totally mixes into chili sauce.  Pour over meatballs.  Cover and heat on low for 6 hours (or more).  The longer they simmer, the better they are. 


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