And with that…


Now that I’ve convinced you of my lunacy, I think I’ll turn the lights off and go to sleep.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I’m going to stay awake and watch “I love the 80s” on VH-1.  (where do you think the song came from?)  Actually, the song wasn’t mentioned but I was thinking about it when they showed Max Headroom.  Do you remember that character?  Boy, that was up there on the weird-o-meter. 

Ok, ok. I’m going to bed. 

At least it’s Friday night.  We’re planning a quiet weekend around the house.  We’ll probably clean up a little, hang a few Christmas lights outside (because who doesn’t love inflated electric bills?), go to the grocery store and whatever else we think of. 

I’ve promised the Princess that, if she gets her room clean, I will have a tea party with her tomorrow.  Hey, if it gets all of the miscellaneous art supplies off the floor – I’m all for it! 

Work was great today – boy am I glad I don’t have to go back for a few days.  I am really looking forward to Christmas break.


‘night, folks.  fridaynightgirl, signing off….




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