It’s my birthday and I’ll cough if I want to…



 Ok, so that’s not how the song goes…. 

Mountain Cedar just might be the death of me.  It makes my throat close up and I have this terrible cough and sore throat as the drainage…sorry, TMI. 

Anyway.  it’s my birthday and I think all I want is Chinese food (maybe Thai), some new Tylenol Cough and Sore Throat and a new pair of pj pants.  *laugh*  Oh, and maybe this shirt….


32 candles…18 more and I’ll have to have the fire marshall present.  I read that somewhere.  *giggle*  I woke up this morning at a disgusting 6:30am (so much for sleeping in) and said, “I don’t feel any older.”  I made myself a cup of hot tea and enjoyed the stillness of the morning. 

Some interesting tidbits about the year of my birth:

January 30, 1976 – Live from Lincoln Center debuts – this just proves that it was in the stars that I would sing opera.  *snort*

September 25, 1976 – Irish rock band U2 formed – which proves nothing; it’s just interesting…

a gallon of gas cost $.86

All of this proves that it’s good to be alive in 2008.  I don’t know, I’m rambling.  Ok, folks – have a happy day – on me! 


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