still awake


You know those nights when your body says, “why aren’t you in bed yet, moron” but your brain says, “nah, let’s watch a movie.”  Well, I think tonight is one of those nights.  Over the last several months, I have experienced self-induced insomnia.  It’s not that I can’t sleep – it’s that I stubbornly insist on finding something else to do besides sleep.  Isn’t that dumb?  Especially when 15% of my posts on here are tagged another post where I whine about being tired….  Sheesh. 

So we’ve started packing.  We being the royal we, of course.  I took two hours today and cleaned out two closets and my desk.  I threw away two 39 gallon leaf bags of junk and have a third one about 2/3 full of stuff to donate.  Two closets and a desk, y’all.  I have oh, three more closets, two bedrooms, a FULL china cabinet, a bathroom, living room and *foreboding music* the kitchen to pack – in 27 days.  Now, that sounds like a long time but somewhere in there, I have a board meeting (sure to last all night again) and I’m going for four days this month to a conference to hobnob with my fellow PR wizards. 


In other news, like most of Central Texas, Munchkin has a cough.  It’s got to be allergies.  She’s otherwise fine.  Either that or the cough I had WASN’T allergies and I gave it to her.  oops. 

I’m thinking one more cup of coffee before bed would be lovely but it’s been in there a while so it probably tastes like truckstop coffee.  YUCK.  Maybe I’ll make a cup of hot chocolate and have some girl scout cookies. 

I have been so good lately.  Cut the sodas and sweets back out of my diet with a vengeance.  I’ve lost 10 pounds.  Last night, we were walking up to Wal-Mart and there they were.  The GIRL SCOUTS.  Drat – well, at least I waited until we were on our way back out before buying three boxes of GS goodness.  I have no willpower.  I cannot resist those cookies and I look forward to them all year long.  It’s just too bad they aren’t available on the GS website or something.  To quote my favorite rat, Rizzo, from Muppet Christmas Carol – I guess it “creates scarcity – drives the prices up.”  I paid $3.50 a box for 15 cookies but man, they are worth every stinkin’ penny!  *laugh*


Ok, y’all – I’m finally starting to get tired.  I think I’ll take myself up on the hot chocolate and cookie.  Later, gators. 


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