Moving Day


The furniture movers came yesterday and they were FAST!  They were really nice and they were really careful with our furniture.  I can honestly say it was the smoothest move I’ve done in a very long time.  Today, K and I finished up with “little stuff” and the art.  Golly, man, all that “little stuff” worked out to be 7 more boxes that, had I done just a little less watching out the window and more packing, the movers would have moved for me yesterday.  Nevertheless, we got it done.  I have one more trip to the old house planned tomorrow, to pick up the paper and bring my hanging clothes. 

For reasons that continue to baffle human understanding, the person formally known as “J” (not my brother) has been banished from our universe – never to return.  I will spare you the gory details but, in short, I made a very disturbing discovery on Thursday that precipitated a complete severance. 

Anyway.  It’s not like there was much to go on anyway – he’d been gone 15 months and we “dated” sporadically prior to his departure.  He never met my family and for that singular reason, they never liked him.  Fair enough. 

My brother said the entire saga with he who must not be named is like a really long historical novel.  You spend a lot of time on this really indepth story that appears to be at least partially based on true events.  But you get to the end and it’s crappy.  (well, he used another word but you get the point.)  Rather than get really bummed out about a fictional story, you put the book back up on the shelf and go get you another book. 

*laugh*  So, I guess I’m single.  *sigh*  Whatever. 

The move was good.  Hardest work I’ve done in a VERY long time.  I’m already getting sore.  Tomorrow, I’m going to be hating life.  *laugh* 

Goodnight, friends. 


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  1. GIRL – I’m so totally confused by the 2nd paragraph. A little freaked out too. But – ok. Welcome to the single life. Not that I’m single. But – you know – a warm welcome anyway.

    Moving. Ugh. On Saturday of last week we cleaned out my Dad’s garage (there in Belton). It was horrendous work. My Dad is a hoarder. It was awful, just flat out awful. At the end of the day we had only cleaned out the garage but we had moved about 20 tons of crap


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