follow up to last night’s post


It’s password protected because I didn’t want to delete it but it’s not something that I care to share with the world wide web, either. 

Last night I had a singular bout of feeling sorry for myself over J.  It lasted about 10 minutes and then I went to sleep.  I woke up this morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed – none the worse for wear. 

Hormones are fun, aren’t they girls?

So, tomorrow we leave for the Big Trip.  I’m taking Munchkin to New Jersey to spend Spring Break with her dad and his family.  They are both so excited – it’s a little exhausting.  *laugh*  I’ll be excited once we get there.  The entire process of travelling with a young child is NOT high on my Top 100 Most Fun Things to Do. 


If we can get there with no significant delays it will be wonderful but I’m not holding my breath.  Yet. 

Work this week was good.  Crazy busy but good.  I consider it a personal triumph that yesterday, I climbed a very tall ladder up onto the roof of one of our elementary schools to shoot some photos with the principal who, as the reward for the kids at his school reaching 10,000 Accelerated Reader points, spent the entire day up there.  It was great. 

The weather the last few days has been wonderful.  It snowed last Friday and it was 91 degrees yesterday.  You HAVE to love Texas. 

We won’t be getting any bluebonnets this year.  We didn’t get a good freeze so they could germinate and then it’s been too dry.  We needed rain in January and February but we didn’t get enough.  So, we’ll have boring highways – like the rest of the country.  Blah.  *laugh* 

I should finish packing my suitcase for the trip but I just can’t bring myself to get off of the bed.  It’s so soft.  Last night I fell asleep with the laptop in my lap.  How funny is that?

Speaking of packing, I got a little tickled when I realized that I’m packing mostly Temple gear to wear.  I kid you not, I have four Temple tshirts and two Temple hoodies.  Every picture from this next week is going to have a Wildcat in it.  Won’t my brother LOVE that?  *laugh* 

Well, folks.  I guess I’ll end this.  I’m taking my laptop with me (of course I am) so I can download pictures at the end of the day.  I’ll be sure and blog about the trip when we come back to the hotel each night. 



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  1. ROFLOL – OMG after I read #100 I thought I was going to bust a gut as Adri would say!! Girl! That was FUNNY!!!!!

    It SNOWED??? And yeah. I love this time of year. And yeah. I’m totally bummed that we won’t have bluebonnets either. And I’m always so surprised when native Texans don’t know WHY we have bluebonnets some years and why some years we don’t. It’s nice to know that you know your roots. HAHAHAHAHA get it… hee hee….


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