Spring Break Trip


This is the first blog post of our Spring Break trip to New Jersey/New York. 



We’re in the air and my ears are popping.  I had the foresight to bring gum this time, thank goodness, so hopefully I won’t be near screaming in agony halfway through the flight. 


Madison and Mother are a joy to watch.  They are so happy together and are having such fun, looking out the window and teasing each other.  I have given in to the excess of excitement and I am now feeling a bit giddy myself. 


What an adventure to be going to New York City.  I feel a little like Alice in Wonderland – never quite certain what I will find next but still excited at the adventure.


We’ll go to the hotel and sleep tonight then get up in the morning and plan our attack on the city over breakfast.  Since tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day, I imagine we’ll sleep in and then head to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island first, rather than come up out of Penn Station and fight the parade crowd.  I like people but not that many at once. 


I have met a man.  A rancher.  He is born and raised in Texas.  He’s a volunteer firefighter and fulltime rancher.  (does this remind anybody of the man who adopted me?)


Speaking of this rancher.  We talk at least twice a day, most days.  I like him.  I feel a familiar comfort, like we’ve known each other a long time – rather than a measly week.  We haven’t met in person yet so we’re still in that blissful shopping phase.  We’re still looking through the IKEA catalog – everything looks so good on paper and in the showroom.  The test will be getting all the damn pieces in the same room and trying to figure out if we can put the furniture together with nothing but a set of irritating allen wrenches and elmer’s glue. 


Lord this flight is bumpy.  We’re passing over that spot between the east and west where it is always bumpy.  It’s almost like this is the crossing place between home and, as Munchkin put it to her teacher – a different land. 


There’s this Sara Bareilles song “Between the Lines” that reminds me of J.  She talks about living between the lines – having to read truth into every word.  His lies don’t coat my mouth the way they did a couple of weeks ago.  “I can’t continue pretending to choose…” 


leave unsaid unspoken

eyes wide shut unopened

you and me always be

between the lines


He made my decision easy with his silence – his choice had been made for him.  Even if there was truth in his promises, his silence damned him for the liar he is and it closed the door on whatever might have been. 


I’m getting melancholy at this altitude.  *laugh*


Munchkin is sitting next to me, playing Mahjongg on my mother’s computer.  Spell check recognizes mahjongg?  How funny is that?  Anyway – she’s really good.  I mean, she got within 20 pairs

 I think this is the most random post I’ve written in a while. 


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So many hats. Only one me. Believer. Wife. Mom. Communicator. Actress. Volunteer. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Tired. Grab a cup of coffee and join me as I laugh at myself and, generally, over think my life.

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  1. Hope you are having a fantastic time! I miss you, so do the cats. Oscar is hiding under the bed and Callie is sitting on the dining room chair waiting for you to come through the door and pounce on your feet, and squirm on the carpet begging for a rub. Silly cats! Have fun my dear friend! Miss you tons!


  2. Oh I LOVE the parallel to Ikea! That was so cleverly written! Very cute. I hate Ikea products, btw. I have shopped at Ikea off and on for 10+ years now. And I dare say – aside from the very affordable and sturdy bunk beds we bought the boys – I have been completely disappointed in every single item I've purchased from them! So – hopefully you will find out that you both belong in an Ethan Allen and you are hand carved and you don't require Allen wrenches….EVER.And I SO WISH I WAS THERE WITH YOU!!!Can't wait to hear more about Ranchero Boy and New York. 🙂


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