Whew – another holiday down – can you believe it’s already the end of March? 

The midget is in bed but she’s STILL not asleep.  I fear a week of late bedtimes has taken hold and now we’re going to have to wrangle her into bed all week.  6:30am is going to come REALLY early tomorrow. 

I have jury duty tomorrow – have I mentioned that?  I’m a little curious as to how the process will work but I’ve got SO much to do – sheesh – what a day to get called.

On the dating front – *yawn*  Oh, nevermind.  I have several prospects but I swear the process itself is a bore.  So, nothing to report. 

Well, it’s 9:40pm and I have a decent chance of getting into bed and going to sleep before 1am so I think I’ll give it a whirl. 


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