Dang it – I knew I forgot something. 

I am so tired.  I worked my hiney off today, folks.  I didn’t get the shelves mounted OR the chairs assembled but I think that’s because I’m afraid to try.  I’m not mechanically inclined and it’s bound to irritate me to try and discipher the instructions, written in every language but one I can read. 

I’m laying here and my shoulders are sore from all the lifting I did today.  And that’s not even counting the six boxes of shelves waiting down, in the car!  Ug. 

Munchkin is a total chatter box.  Normally, this wouldn’t bother OR surprise me but after a week of near silence; where I was allowed to speak for 10 minutes every three hours or so all week and then she was with her dad the week before – my ears are out of practice.  I can’t think with her CONSTANT conversation.  I find myself looking for a mute button. 

It’s back to the office tomorrow.  I wonder if they’ve forgotten about me.  Maybe they’ve given my office to somebody else.  *laugh* 

*yawn*  I think there is still coffee in the kitchen.  ‘night, folks. 


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