the saga that is dating


Not too many details – I’ve been to busy to really think about it.  Have had a few very nice encounters and I’ve made some new friends but nothing yet that makes my heart sing. 

I feel guilty even entertaining any ideas right now because I’m so busy.  The nature of my work is project based.  That’s the mind-set I get in and, unfortunately, it spills over into my personal life as well.  I see this dating thing as a kind of project.  While there aren’t set deadlines (the kind of project I hate – I’m a structure kind of girl), there certainly are goals and objectives to be met.  And, like the open records act, once a step has been taken, the clock begins to tick before the step becomes stale and disintegrates.  I just haven’t had any energy left over to really pursue anything. 

The good thing is that I’m not stressed about it.  I figure I’ll have time one of these days.  Maybe he’ll show up in one of the stacks of paper I’m always shifting around on my desk. 


(hey, at least I can laugh about it, right??)


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