Ah, Saturday


The day when my list of things to do has NOTHING to do with school, students, boards, teachers or parents.  The only camera involved is mine, if I take pictures of Munchkin.  And a nap is almost always somewhere on the list. 

I voted this morning, cleaned all the junk out of the car and had lunch with a friend (I need to come up with a nickname for him…..).  Now, Munchkin is watching cartoons and I’m here.  And now you are all caught up on the day. 

*yawn*  I’m sleepy.  I need to put together the chairs we bought at the same time as the blasted shelves but I just can’t bring myself to make that much noise when I’d really like to lay down for a little while. 

“I fought the nap and the nap won…”



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  1. OH…LOL. I should read the blog backwards and then I’d get the first post as it relates to the previous entry. LOL!!

    Please don’t call anyone Bathtub.



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