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No, I’m not giving up on the Republican Party.  I am not convinced the Senator McCain is the best choice for our country now.  While I have been a long-time Bush supporter, even I cannot deny the astronomical problems that have fallen on average Americans under his watch.  I see military spouses and loved ones weary from seven years of war.  I see soldiers leaving for their FOURTH deployment.  I see $60 at the pump in my gas-efficient car.  I see increasing costs as I try and put regular food on the table.  I see increasing fears about budget cuts at home and at work. 

Like many Americans, I’m tired of worrying about money.  Frankly, I’m sick of an agenda that seems to leave average Americans completely out of the picture.  I’m tired of a Republican candidate that panders to the ultra-conservative when he is much more moderate.  I liked McCain a LOT more when he wasn’t sucking up.  Call it like it is, John. 

It is June and I still don’t know who I’m going to vote for in November…. 



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  1. Well. I’m not much of a Republican myself these days. But the thing about it is – from what I was taught in both high school political science classes and college courses and from other political science experts …. the problems were are having now are a direct result of the Clinton administration. The economic boom that occurred in the Clinton Admin was because of Bush/Reagan Economics – not his. The downward spiral we’ve been in sine Clinton left office is because the policies he put in place are finally taking effect. It will be interesting to see how Obama fares once Bush 2 leaves office.

    Now I won’t claim to understand how it all works out. It’s smoke and mirrors to me. But – where politics are concerned – what you see is NEVER what the truth is.

    I, too, like most of the country – am tired of an old white gray haired, rich, ranch-livin’, country boy politician running the office. I think if the Democratic Ticket had someone who looked like Bill Clinton running against McCain we might actually have a chance at an intelligent 3rd Party “outside of the box” candidate getting into office and doing something productive….

    Ah. I feel your pain though. I really do.


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