Open Letter to Senator Obama

Senator Obama,

I have followed your campaign with fascination and want to congratulate you on your success. 


As a newly registered Democrat (I voted for you in the Texas primary), I am keenly interested in where we go from here. 


You’ve talked a lot of about big picture issues and ideas.  As a fellow big picture thinker, I applaud your vision; I think it is the key to your success.  However, as a single parent, I need to think a little more small scale.  How would you, as President of the United States, work to relieve the crushing effects of the economy on the average American family? 


I am a single parent and I make $XX,XXX/year.  While that is a decent salary, even our household feels the pinch of $4/gallon gas prices and incredible increases at the grocery store.  It becomes harder and harder to budget as costs continue to rise. 


I know we didn’t get here overnight and the solutions aren’t going to be overnight either.  But I am keenly interested in solutions that will help the segment of the country that desperately wants to believe in the change you are selling. 


Help us, Senator Obama.  Talk to US about things we need now.  Talk about the price of gas, milk, bread, chicken, cheese, hamburger meat.  The stuff that ordinary families, even if they have good jobs, are worried about.  Because a lot of us aren’t quite sure how much longer we can hang on to our way of life under the tremendous weight of this economy. 


Thank you for your hard work.  I believe it is time for change.  Are you the way?  You have until November to SHOW us that you’ve thought about ALL of us. 


God bless you, sir. 

a long-time registered Republican, politically moderate, evangelical Christian, single mom, in Texas – now, a registered Democrat

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  1. News: Barack Obama is spending the evening at Hillary Clinton's house. Agenda to include a pint of Ben & Jerry's, a good cry, and a spirited pillowfight.


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