Follow up to the Senator’s Letter


As a PR person, I am fully aware that this is a prepped message on one of his strong talking points and not a personalized message, typed by the man himself at 6 o’clock last night.  But as a PR person I have to say how impressed I am that, within 72 hours of the original message, I received a response that was content appropriate to the message I sent him. 

I like the phrase, “this is the fight of my life.”  It is very impassioned and I can certainly see why he has such a huge following. 

I think, for the sake of political debate, I will write a similar letter to McCain’s camp and see what response I receive from it. 


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  1. Within 72 hours of your blog post, you ARE receiving a comment from a Non-PR thirty-something sitting behind his computer at 10PM at night.

    I AM hungry. I’m so determined by my hunger I just may eat some chicken nuggets and tater tots – WITHOUT Ketchup. Perhaps PB&J with the CRUSTS ON!

    I am a dork. I am a dork, and I ask for your vote. Temple Wildcat football RULES!


  2. OH MY LORD – did you just say Wildcat football RULES?! ROFL

    Munchkin is getting to you, I think. You sound as squirrelly as her!!! *grin* Enjoy! (I heard you call this morning – I’ll call you guys later. Then I’ll turn my phone off for the weekend.


  3. ROFLOL … seriously – turn the phone off!!
    And I think munchkin being gone has left you with ENTIRELY TOO MUCH TIME on your hands! Politics? Really?

    I need to come to Temple and rescue you from that apartment!


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