summer hours


sheesh – I have GOT to get milk soon.  not having coffee but having to get up and be ready to go into the office at 7am is yucky. 

*laugh*  I slept on the couch last night.  No, not on purpose.  I fell asleep watching this show on History Channel called the Naked Archaeologist.  It’s kind of looney but still interesting.  This guy takes theories that have been abandoned or rejected by “traditional academia” and has a look at them from another angle.  He is entertaining AND instructive – satisifies the Two Purposes quite nicely, I think.  Anyway, I woke up around 4:30 and figured it wasn’t worth getting up and moving into the other room.  So, I slept fully clothed with LIGHTS on, on the couch.  *laugh* 

Well, I should finish getting ready for work so I can hurry and get to the office – where they have COFFEE. 

Have a happy day, y’all! 


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  1. wow you have a very interesting and inspiring life you have eloquently nudged me in the right direction. you see im in jail for murdering my daughter and wife. it is the snake river, alabama county jail and instead of 1 call you get 1 email and i chose you because you sound like a very very very very very rich man who wouldnt care who they bailed. so please look deep deep inside your heart for a spark of justice. i am deepending on you so please dont let me down because i have the connoections to find you!……..I am very sorrowfull for the loss of my daughter and wife.( please trust me i am INNOSCENT!) so you probably dont care for a sorry, mortal soul, like myself. But donot forget me o magnificent imortal…………………….


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