I have two last boxes that I can’t seem to get unpacked.  Both of them contain books.  One is a box of my recipe books.  I’ve collected a few over the past few years and I love the wonderful pictures in them.  While I may never make MOST of the dishes in them, I still love it when somebody gives me a cookbook.  So, I have several.

The other box contains my antique books.  I dont want to cram them onto my existing bookshelves because that would mess up the casual chic feel I’ve got going on already.

here’s my problem: I have one shelf and two brackets and I need TWO shelves and EIGHT brackets.  So, unless God pulls some loaves and fishes act, I think I’m going to have to make another trip to IKEA in the near future.  That just means that my dear friend, the Soccer Coach, is going to get to help me hang two more shelves.  *big grin*  We’re pros at it now, aren’t we, Coach? 

I’ve been in this apartment since March and so STILL having two @#%^ boxes sitting around, upon which I now habitually stub my toes, is REALLY ANNOYING.

A trip to the storage unit is definitely in order.  Maybe this weekend I’ll FINALLY get all of this stuff DONE!

I took the day off today to spend it with my brother, who drove into town last night.  We had a great time today; picking up Mom’s birthday present, shopping, waiting 45 minutes for TACO CABANA (WTHeck) and, in general, laughing until our sides hurt.  We did a little swimming this afternoon and all went out for dinner.  I’m pooped.  I bowed out of evening visiting because I really want to come home and relax but what do I do when I get here?  Start cleaning. 

So that brings us back around to the beginning of the post…  Don’t you love a tidy ending? 


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  1. You need to put the coo-coo back in the clock…I’m charging this time around for MANUAL LABOR!!!!



  2. That’s extortion!! Good for me though that I have the entire Internet as witnesses!

    You would charge a poor, helpless woman? *snort* I’m going to remember that next time you want to swim in my pool.



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