A Rich Life


You know, I got to thinking this afternoon what a rich life I lead.  I have a precious daughter, super close relationships with my family, good friends, just the kind of romance I need and a job that I love.  Life is, in general, pretty darn good.  Heck, I’m even one of the few people who can say she generally gets along with her ex-husband.

How bad could it be? 

It’s been a good weekend.  The 4th of July was super fun.  Super hot and humid but lots of fun. 

Tomorrow is Monday and now that we’re into July, I’m officially on a six week countdown until the teachers are back on campuses and things gear up again.  I’ve got to get my back to school stuff planned and ordered so it will be here before the middle of August.

The show is good.  The gal playing the lead, Nellie, is on vocal silence which is concerning.  I know she’s talked about the part being so low and having some concerns about all the belting; I really hope she doesn’t hurt herself.  Many wishes going her way for a speedy recovery. 

I miss my little crackerbox.  I’m ready for her to come home.  She sounds SO good on the phone, though.  I know she’s having a ball with her dad.  I’m so glad.  I find it difficult to tell him in a way that doesn’t sound patronizing how much I appreciate his consistency and how much it pleases me to hear her using her good manners this summer; a departure from behaviors that surfaced last summer.  I credit that all to his stronger influence this year verses last; when she was pretty much given free reign (not by him, mind you, but by others around her).  Still, while I know she’s having a great time and this time with her dad is critical to their relationship, I miss that little girl something fierce.  I guess knowing he reads this blog from time to time is a roundabout way of telling him without having to actually tell him; risking sounding foolish. 

Having said that, I still have no idea what it’s like to miss her 10 months out of the year, like her Dad.  I wish there was a way I could help him move back to Texas.  I really would, if I could.  It would solve so many problems.  But I know he’s built some semblance of a support system there, in New Jersey, and it becomes harder to leave once you get that established.  If he’s taking care of himself, he can be a good dad to M and that’s what counts.  *sigh*  It’s all so complicated. 

Well, it’s midnight and I really should be in bed.  I’m going to be hating life at 6:30am.    ‘night, y’all


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