I’m back!


This show is over, Munchkin is back and school is about to start. 

Whew!  It’s been a wild few weeks (as indicated by my total absence from blogging) but we’re finding our rhythm.  Munchkin is funnier, tanner and blonder than when she left.  She’s also sassier but that’s to be expected – she’s two months older.  I mean, like, how could I totally not get that, MAAAHHHMM….  *insert rolling eyes*

*giggle*  Actually, she’s great.  Her dad did a great job and she came home happy and healthy and like she had a terrific time.  It’s great to have her home. 

Work has been a total roller coaster.  The new boss and I are finding our groove so that’s good.  She dances to the beat of something along the lines of Rush so we’re all running to keep up with her.  It’s an adventure. 

I’ve started dating again and, eh, it’s about the same as it’s been before.  Lots of one or the others…  KWIM?  Lots of lookers but no substance or – at the other end of the spectrum – lots of great energy, enthusiasm and wit but no chemistry.  *sigh* 

There are a couple of stand-outs but I’m not putting a lot of effort into it.  At this point, I’m a little weary of the entire process so I figure he’s going to just have to find me. 

We’ve redefined the boundary lines between me and work.  I went and bought a new cell phone last weekend so I could turn my work phone off when I was out of the office.  Only my boss and the assistant superintendent who deals with safety and crisis situations have it.  Considering there were only about a dozen times, the entire year, when something would happen that required after hours attention; I think this is a good plan. 

Things are good.  I am tired and it’s been a little rough readjusting to a non-show sleep schedule but that will resolve itself in time. 

I’m growing my hair out.  No, not long again – I’m pretty sure those days are over.  The last time I got it cut, she cut it in that awful Posh Spice stacked in the back; long in the front look.  I hate it.  I’m letting the back grow back out before I chop the sides off to match it.  Right now, it’s still too short and I don’t want my stylist cutting it until it’s ready. 


Boy, I’m sleepy.  I think I’ll hit the sack. 

What a great day.  🙂


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